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Conference Introduction


Computational Sciences and Optimization are two important disciplines in modern sciences concerned with many areas ranging from engineering, management, finance, and economics, to arts and humanities. Currently some new challenges arise in the modeling of complex systems, sophisticated algorithms, advanced scientific and engineering computing and associated problem-solving environments. Because the solution of complex problems must cope with tight timing schedules, powerful computational algorithms and complex optimization techniques are inevitable for solving some practical problems.


In order to strengthen academic exchanges and discussions on the fields of computational sciences and optimization, The Third International Joint Conference on Computational Sciences and Optimization (CSO 2010) including The 2010 International Symposium on Applied Computing and Computational Sciences (ACCS 2010) and The 2010 International Symposium on Optimization Theory, Methods and Applications (OTMA 2010) will be held on May 28-31, 2010 in Huangshan (Yellow) Mountain, Anhui Province, China. It provides four-day forum on Computational Sciences and Optimization Sciences. The theme of the plenary session is ¡°Principles of Practice in Computational Sciences and Optimization¡± featuring invited speakers who will further explore this topic that is so significant for this fields. Concurrent sessions and a poster session will cover a wide range of topics and issues, including both contributed papers and special sessions/workshops developed on specific topics, all with a central focus of Applied Computing, Computational Sciences, Optimization Theory, Methods and Applications.

The CSO 2010 joint conference will provide an idea-exchange and discussion platform for the world¡¯s researchers and academia, where internationally recognized researchers and practitioners share cutting-edge information, address the hottest issue in computational science and optimization, explore new computational technologies, exchange and build upon new ideas. And meantime the joint conference will also provide researchers and practitioners  an opportunity to highlight innovative research directions, and a growing number of novel applications.


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